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Once upon a time, the artist, Gustav Klimt, said, 'Art is a line around your thoughts. Thoughts change into reviews over time.



“The products of Art on Steel are incredibly beautiful. I am extremely happy with the 3 pieces I bought. I will be looking to purchase another piece in the new future.”


— Rhona M


This page offers every to-be client of ours a proper and honest opinion on not only our steel art but also our unique customer service. We at AOS lean towards communicating fashionably with the heartbeat of our business, the supportive customers, by paying attention to their reviews.

In the Steel Art & Home Decor business, customers' voices should be considered when reviewing the quality of service and products. Steel décor is an upcoming and flourishing industry in which we hope to leave friends and family speechless when gathering around our Steel Art and Home Decor. Reviews mainly offer the management of the business guidelines in improving our standards, primarily to provide clients with happiness when seeing their steel art for the very first time.



"Thank you so much for the prompt service & delivery to ensure I received this gift in time for a 50th. Beautiful piece."


— Sunelle R


It is a natural tendency amongst customers to check the reviews on a page before supporting any business. Unfortunately, humanity has lost its faith in the honesty of especially online trade. AOS's specialty, being stylish Metal Wall Art, is, for some, a risky project because of the lack of knowledge concerning this modern form of Art. 

It's evident that people verify the trustworthiness of a business by visiting their websites and browsing through the reviews. This is why the team here at Art on Steel strives to fulfill the customer's needs by providing enough tools to connect with our community and gather well-organized information regarding any of our steel decorations. For that reason, shop without hesitation any of our durable Home decor products.

We, as a proudly South-African business, together with the 520 + ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ five-star reviews that are currently visible on our website, attempt to impress the modern art society and put a smile on their faces.

When taking into account that Art on Steel specializes in all forms of Steel Art, whether it involves Home Décor, Garden Décor, or just plain Steel Décor for hubby's new office, it is important that we ensure the quality of the product and service to our clients. 

In our years of experience, we have realized that it all leads back to the reviews. Not only do reviews here at AOS give us the tools to build a trustworthy brand, but it also assists us in ensuring that our shoppers make informed decisions in the experience, from ordering to shipping and all aspects of the customer service. We further believe that the relationship between the shopper and the product must be clear. The AOS team ensures the customer's peace of mind by providing each customer with updates regarding the production and distribution processes.



“Love the steel art !! No problems with delivery each time I have ordered. Highly recommend their products."

- Linda R.


To distinguish our Steel Art business from others, we ask every single client what their experience was like and ask them to review us accordingly. Most people favour businesses with good reviews, resulting in happy clients. So it is no surprise that Art on Steel is the most reviewed Metal Wall Art and Steel Art business in South Africa. 

Being an innovator in the Home and Garden Décor industries, it is important for AOS to show the ambition our business aim to achieve, resulting in developing a loving and trusting brand for generations to come. It all starts with what you, as a supporting customer, say about our wide range of products and the service you get from start to finish. 

Art on Steel not only cares about the quality and durability of our Steel Art, but we also cherish your feedback and your experience.

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