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Stunning Steel Frames from the Past

Art on Steel introduces the stunning new Steel Art frames, which are guaranteed to leave you in awe with a feeling of nostalgia.

With this unique form of steel décor, the past is brought back to life, one Steel frame at a time. Só, buckle up and join the trip back to the era of simple elegance.

AOS is setting a whole new trend with these vintage-style empty Steel frames. We want to provide something more durable to our lovely customers, more substantial and more stylish than the original wood frames that pop up when you are busy looking for some home décor renovation ideas on the internet. We at AOS want to expand this vintage Steel frame collection during the year; let the past speak for itself.

It is highly recommended that you combine the empty frames to create a set of 3, as seen in the images below, create a steel masterpiece on your wall while sitting back and reminiscing on the ‘picture-perfect past. Then, use your imagination for the creation of your dreams!



Vintage Frame 1

When elegance itself can not speak, trust in this vintage Steel Wall Art frame to do all the work! As part of our new vintage collection here at Art on Steel, this Vintage Frame 1 will teleport you into the timeless era of antique wonders. The modish patterns on the edges of the steel frame contribute to the calmness it creates.

This Steel Frame measures 612 x 500mm, ideal for any wall inside your home, office, or classroom, or can even be the showpiece of your next bedroom make-over. 

Designed to recreate memories of the past and leave people speechless in the present, this Steel Art product will be the perfect gift for your loved ones. Steel décor has never been só posh, and now you have the chance to reflect on the past we all tend to forget sometimes.



Vintage Frame 2

Yet another piece of stylish wonder here at AOS. This oval-shaped Steel Wall Art frame measures 325 x 500mm giving you enough space to create a collage of memories on your wall. The past becomes the present with this steel frame. Forget the outdated use of photo albums when reflecting on the good old days. This vintage frame is perfect for a photo wall inside your house to keep the family together on those dark days.



Vintage Frame 3

The incredible detail on this piece of Metal Wall Art will tickle your creative juices, and better yet, it also promises to turn any room into magic.


Yes, the 366 x 500mm frame will complement any wall in your home to recreate memories that should not be forgotten, oh oh oh it’s magic!

This vintage Steel frame will soften any heart with the warmth it gives off. Trust in our product to mesmerize you and your loved ones.



Só, what are you waiting for? 

Don’t miss out on these stunning vintage Steel frames, which will change your home décor journey once and for all. 

You don’t have to be an artist to own one of these vintage frames, be smart and buy all 3!

After all, everything works better when put together. If you would like to gain more information regarding these vintage frames or other Metal Wall Art products in our collection, please follow the link below:

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