The Art of It All

Art is something that, historically, we have been told needs to be treated with care and sensitivity. If we look to nature and the artistic prowess she exudes, we come to find that the most beautiful of flowers, animals, and even sceneries are delicate in their surroundings and even more fragile to human touch. And even if you are able to pick a rose with all of its petals still intact – over the course of the next week, that work of art will wilt, fade, and die.
Art museums are also a prime example of how precious we as a society hold the works that are contained inside. So carefully monitored and guarded from the clutches of not only time and its lust for the natural decomposition of things, but from the grubby hands of people and their harsh flash-photography cameras too.
I suppose that – if you think about the process of creating a generic art piece, one that is either drawn or painted onto a canvas – you can understand how the act of experiencing that piece should coincide with how it was made; with soft strokes on thin paper canvasing. It is with quiet thought and serene focus that the artist’s hand creates the strokes of the brush to produce the images we have come to admire and fawn over.
But as is with the nature of art, in whatever form it takes, there is a challenge for the viewer to open up their minds and attempt to divulge in a perspective that challenges their own.
So with this understanding, of engaging with art and the idea of change and progression – what can this mean about the way in which art is made? And – can art be the opposite of delicate?
Marshall McLuhan puts this idea best into words in his claim to the term – the medium is the message. And if we are to dissect what this means in terms of art, then the way in which it is made can also be considered an art of its own – at the very least – an aspect of the art process that we should look to consider.
Art On Steel looks to find the balance between the beauty and longevity of art as explored through the process that our pieces undertake on their journey to completion. Specialising in custom designs, we at Art On Steel will provide you with your ideal art piece that will last even under the harshest of conditions.
Made with metal, your next work of art will not only stand out from the traditional works that exist, but with the addition of being powder-coated, your steel art will stand the test of time. And like the rock paintings we have come to discover in caves, can persist for future generations to admire.

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