Good morning #OAS Family and friends!

Thanks so much for all the messages, phone-calls and prayers. 

First of all I’d like to apologies to all the clients that placed an order and have not received it yet.

On Sunday 4th July 2021 I came down with a severe stomach pain, I proceeded to self-medicate and on Wednesday the 7th July 2021 I realized something serious was wrong and was rushed to hospital.

I went into surgery the 7th of July with a burst appendix and spent the next 7 nights in ICU. It was a near death experience and not something I wish on anyone.

I was release from the ICU to the surgical ward last night and will be here till about Friday the 16th July 2021 earliest.

Once released I will get to wok to process all outstanding orders and communicate with each customer.

Thanks for understanding

Lots of love

Quintin Basson

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